The Greatcircle Domain is closing as communicated 2 years ago.

If you havent already told all your contacts of a new email address, or contacted us to make a new email address you are running out of time!. Access 4 U Pty Ltd (trading as Hyperdrive Technologies) owns the Greatcircle Domain Name and provides support for the Greatcircle Customers since 2002. Due to changes in server locations and a move towards 24 Hour Support we would like all Greatcircle customers to contact us to set up your hyperdrive email addresses.

We are currently providing a service with some basic plans as follows. To see more advanced plans including broadband click here.

Timesaver 20 Hours
Timesaver 60 Hours
Timesaver 140 Hours
Buy 20 hours of time (expires after 1 year)
Buy 60 hours of time (expires after 1 year)
Buy 140 hours of time (expires after 1 year)
Price (Inc)
Hyperdrive can currently be contacted on (03)9462 4662 or you can view our web page at