The Fine Print

The Service We Offer

Greatcircle Email Services is an email forwarding service. We do not store email. Email received at your greatcircle email address is forwarded to an external address nominated by you.

The Cost

Greatcircle Email Forwarding is free of charge.

Service Availablility

The Greatcircle domain is hosted by a hosting company who quote 99% availability.

Is web site hosting available?


What We Do

When you apply for email forwarding, we check that you were a greatcircle user. We will also send an email to your nominated destination (forwarding) address and will discard the application if our email is returned.

We are not responsible for the content of forwarded email.

As we have a boring old dayjob, we are unable to respond to queries immediately due to workplace internet access restrictions.

We reserve the right to remove any users account or to cease offering the service entirely. This will only be done if the service is abused.

What We Require From You

When you apply, we require your name, greatcircle username and destination address. We do not need any further information.

We require that you keep us informed of your correct destination address.

We require that you use the service fairly.